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About Us


What is normal anyway? We are two weirdos who love life, friendship and wine.

A recipe for a good life. 



Tony (a.k.a. Mr. Loco, a.k.a Are You Normal?) came first to Estonia about 100 years ago. He is originally from Lima, Peru. The greatest country on earth. With the greatest football team, or thats what he tells to people. Working at the Peruvian Navy, somehow his ship was lost to the coast of Tallinn. The story is the same old. First there was a blond woman, then another one and well.. The story continues.  You may have seen him earlier on one of the many restaurants in Tallinn. He has been working on the restaurant industry making people laugh (and sometimes cry) for over twenty years. If you are ever bored, or need some cheering up. Come to Pan y Vino and just have a talk with him. We guarantee you will feel better afterwards! He also makes some killer Pisco Sours - Peru style!


Niko is a Finn lost in Estonia. He has enjoyed the beautiful old town of Tallinn since 2015. He met Tony the day he moved to Tallinn and regrettably their mutual love for wine started to flourish more day by day. After approximately 1825 days (and 9125 bottles of wine) - of what they remember vividly about 10 - they decided to hit their mushy brains together and open up something new. A Peruvian wine bar in old town Tallinn. Niko loves his natural and orange wines. And due to this malfunction in his tastebuds - you are most likely to find some very funky natural wines from the wine list that he tends to smuggle to the bar. He is also responsible whipping Tony in the ass when he gets too comfortable chatting with the local crowd and forgets that he actually works there. Anyhow - we all have our defectivenesses and well actually Niko has none. He is just perfect. He once even won the best TV-director award in Finland but thats another story. Ask him more when you meet him in Pan y Vino.

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